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... is not an official homepage of the Rado Watch Co. Ltd. in Lengnau, Switzerland. 

Welcome to my private homepage about the interesting designs and the amazing variety of vintage-watches produced under the world-famous Rado-brand.

Questions? Any info still not to find on this HP? Searching for a special Rado or sparepart or have an offer? There is, of course free of cost,  the  vintage-RADO forum  for the readers of this HP to communicate, exchange of information and for offers and searches of/for watches and parts. So just register and post!  

This HP is optimised for a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixel and Firefox - to watch this site in best performance and ad-free, I recommend Firefox with Adblock Plus.


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Interesting Links:

Offizielle RADO-HP/Official RADO-HP

RADO-Onlineshop(U.S. only) 

EOT-Rado Discussion Forum    EOT-Rado Exchange, Brad Jacob´s HP

Teardown + Service: 1958 Rado Automatic 21 Jewels / AS 1361 N 

Dr. Ranffts Uhrwerkverzeichnis/movement register

Vintage Certinas über die Rado-Certina Kooperation   Vintage Certinas about the Rado-Certina Cooperation

Watchuseek Watchforums


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Last Update:


Many pics restored, info added, more pages in English available.


Unfortunately many pictures disappeared and are lost, caused by the strange business policy of imageshack. Currently, I´m restoring and complementing as much as possible.


Online since 10/2008

ClustrMaps since 03/2009, last Map-Reset 11/2015



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